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History and Prospective;

 Medical treatment, care, and research for Intractable Neurologic Disorders in Hokkaido area started from the Division of Neurology, Department of Neurosurgery, Hokkaido University, founded in 1973 by Dr. Kunio Tashiro (the First Professor of Neurology) and Dr. Takeshi Hamada ( the Founder of Hokuyukai Neurological Hospital) under the supervision of Dr. Mitsuo Tsuru, the First Professor of Neurosugery, Hokkaido University.

 Despite the progress of basic research in neurological science, many unsolved clinical problems still exist in Hokkaido.
 Therefore, we feel that clinical and neurological care and research should be focused on patients with more cooperative and comprehensive ways.

 To achieve this goal, we must focus on the patients, under the close relationship with the doctor, nurse, laboratory technician, pharmacist, dietitian, general affairs staff, rehabilitation staff, medical welfare staff, home healthcare staff, community health care staff, and others.
Sharing the clinical care, research and treatment in more unified manner, makes it possible for all of us to proceed the future progress for intractable neurologic disorders..

Chief of Center Fumio Moriwaka, MD
Representative Director Shinsuke Hamada, MD


This foundation was established for the following purposes;

·To study the cause of neurological disorders, and to approach the methods to cure for them.

·To survey the clinical medicine environments from various perspectives.

·To promote studies of neurology, synthetically and comprehensively, for the purpose of improving neurological care in Hokkaido.